About Us

We’re located in Atenas, a small coffee town in the western part of the Central Valley of Costa Rica, on the road between San Jose and the Central Pacific beaches around Jacó.

Our main goal is to stop the suffering of the many many street dogs and cats here in our area. We also work with animals that come from low-income families where financial assistance is necessary for their proper care.

We organize spay and neuter clinics in different parts of Atenas county on a regular basis. Also some vets of Atenas provide their consultation for treatment at low-cost-prices.

Very important is to spread the word in the community about the necessity of castration, deworming and vaccination, for this we offer information flyers.

To begin on the roots, we offer our education program and go into local Atenas schools to teach the children how to treat all creatures with respect and love and live with them in a healthy manner for all.

The foundation always needs volunteers: We’re desperately in need of temporary foster homes – beside permanent homes of course (!). We would appreciate some transportation help, i. e. to bring and pick up the animals to/from the vet, move them from their actual location to new homes etc…

If you see any possibility for support and assistance – don’t hesitate to contact us!

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