Docking & Cropping

The tails have many useful functions and are important for the balance of the dog and his body language among other things. Dogs communicate with their humans and other dogs using their ears and tail.

Tail docking is the amputation of the tail with scissors, a knife, or a rubber band. The cut goes through many highly sensitive nerves in the tissues including skin, cartilage, and bone. This procedure is performed without anesthesia at 3-5 days of age of the puppy. There is much evidence that amputation is painful for the dog. The puppy already has a fully developed nervous system as well as a developed sense of pain.

The ears are cut when the puppy is 8 to 12 weeks old. At this stage of development, the trauma of the procedure may have a major psychological impact on the puppy as he is just maturing. The process of binding a puppy’s ears to remain upright after they have been cut can be excruciating!

The practice of tail docking and ear cropping is so cruel that some countries have already banned this practice including: Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Cyprus, Greece, Luxembourg, Finland, Germany, Australia, and England.

Any animal lover would be against these unjustified acts that hurt and maime the animals!

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