Call to action!

Dear Followers of Animales Atenas,

I have a new idea about organizing a patrol of young Ticos/as to volunteer in every neighborhood supporting Animales Atenas in several ways.

First, it could support to Dora when she gets a call and has to go investigate abuse or neglect in that neighborhood. Ideally, the patrol in that neighborhood could send a car to pick her up and take her to her destination, stay with her while she talks to people, then drive her back home. Other ways they could help by being aware of animals in their neighborhood, talk to people about proper treatment and care, show people how to tie the dogs in a more humane way by tying a rope between the trees and letting the dog run the length of the rope. We might even consider buying rope for it in cases where people can not afford it. They would also request monthly donations for Animales Atenas, like the Red Cross is doing. They will need caps or T-shirts with our logo and official receipt books.

What I need are responsible young adults names that you think would be good, reliable, trustworthy, etc .. I would use our booking at the Cerro Balneanario for April 2 to organize volunteer patrols first. If we get a good response we might need some cookies and soda for them. What I’m expecting is to let them to run on their own, and one of them in charge of each district, and another one, in charge of everything, will keep Dora informed.

So if you could, please complete this form below with names of young people who have finished high school with the following information:

Thank you,

Joni Lockwood


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