Hogar de Ancianos Fiestas April 15-18, 2016

Join us at the Hogar de Ancianos nursing home in Atenas: a fun fund-raising community fair with traditional activities, horse parade, music, dancing, food, etc.

For more information about Hogar de Ancianos, click here: Hogar de Ancianos

On April 16, Animales Atenas will have a Dog Show at the Fiestas. There will be 3 place winners in 9 categories.

We are seeking several volunteers to sell tickets – can be all day or just a few hours.
We are seeking dog contestants and their owners.
We are asking for donations of prizes for the 27 winners.

Items we are asking for: leashes, collars, dog clothing, dog shampoo, bags of dog food, other dog accessories. They must be new!

Please contact news@animalesatenas if you would be able to participate in any way.

This event supports the important service provided by the Hogar de Ancianos community as well as Animales Atenas.

Thank you for your support!

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